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  • It's like coming in from the Frozen North when you can hear again.

    In From the Cold.

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  • To Hear the Sounds Again: Fresh and Clear

    To Hear the Sounds

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  • It's better than a Beautiful Bright Day when you can hear again.

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    How Could My Hearing Be So Important

  • Healing Environments bring Health when you can hear the children again.

    Healing Environments

    Sounds of the Children Again

  • So many new memories come easily when you can hear again.

    So Many New Memories

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  • Bright Day is a day when I can hear again, what ever the age.

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We have served Bemidji and the surrounding area for over 35 years!

Bemidji Hearing Aid Service was started in October 1979 by Ray and Harriet Tesch. The office they opened on Minnesota Avenue was the first permanent location to provide hearing aid related services in Bemidji. All hearing aid sales prior to the opening of this office were made by itinerant salesmen working door to door or out of hotel rooms. Ray was in the office from midmorning to midafternoon, in other words, when the fishing was slow!

Ray retired in 1986 and the business was bought by Gregory and Beth Oja. The practice was developed into an audiology oriented practice with emphasis on hearing rehabilitation, including dispensing of hearing aids. The scope of practice was broadened to include educational audiology, occupational hearing conservation services and contract audiology services. In December2014, Voss Enterprises, Inc. purchased Renaissance Hearing Centers and our office is now a part of a larger multi-office network.

Renaissance Hearing Centers is committed to helping fit all persons with hearing loss, regardless of financial means. We provide hearing services to certain insurances and MN Worker’s Compensation Programs. We offer direct pay discounts for clients that do not require the filing of charges to an insurance carrier and who pay by cash or check on the fitting date. We maintain an assortmentof demonstration and reconditioned hearing instruments that can be purchased at discounted pricing. If you have a need for hearing aids, we will make every effort to help you get appropriate hearing instruments at a cost that you can afford.


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