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Expect Full Service!

You expect full service on many things that you own, and hearing instruments should be no different. It is important to have them cleaned on a regular basis both inside and out. Questions about the warranties and service are also essential. Be sure to ask what would happen if you are traveling and need service. How far from your home are you going to have to travel to receive service? A bargain hearing aid is not a bargain if you have to travel hundreds of miles over the lifetime of that hearing instrument for service. Many of the new digital hearing instruments have specialized software that is used to program them, and selecting a brand that has nationwide service options is important in today’s mobile society.

Everyone experiences an adjustment period when wearing new hearing instruments. Be patient. This time frame can vary for each person. How often you wear your instruments during this adjustment period will affect the length of time needed to adjust them. During this time, communicate with your Instrument Specialist. By doing so, small adjustments can be made to make them truly a custom product. State of the art Speech Mapping should be used to verify that your fitting is correct and that the best possible programs have been selected for your hearing loss. Your Instrument Specialist should be able to do this for you on a monitor so that you can see for yourself that the fitting is proper and understand what you can expect to hear with amplification.

You'll be happy you have followed these steps when you gain pleasure in being connected to the sounds of life!

  • The Best BTE
  • Let Us Help You

Which instruments are best for me?

While the size of a hearing aid is usually in the forefront of a patient’s mind, it is important to consider what goes inside of the hearing aid. “Digital” seems to be the buzz word for hearing instruments today, but there are several things to consider when purchasing a digital instrument. Price will tell a lot. Generally hearing instruments in the $500-$900 range are not the instruments that an active person should be wearing. They are usually manufactured with entry level technology, and may not perform as well when the user gets into noisy listening situations.

Even when a hearing instrument in said to be digital there are several questions that you should ask before you make a purchase as all digital instruments are not the same. Digital hearing instruments re available at several levels. Some instruments are set at the manufacturer with one setting, not allowing the Instrument Specialist to make any on-the-spot adjustments your hearing preferences may require. Then there are digital instruments that can be set with manual adjustments by the Instrument Specialist in their office. These again are digital in processing only, have one setting, and are not as flexible in adjustment as an advanced instrument.

The next level of digital instruments are programmed with a computer. This allows the Instrument Specialist to make the necessary adjustments while they are connected to a computer. These are a good value when the wearer is in listening situations without noise in the background. In listening situations such as ball games, restaurants or crowds, the wearer will have difficulties as the instrument is programmed with only the one setting and will not deal with background noise.



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